The Bright Bounty of Fall


Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the change in weather, the colors of the leaves outside, scarves and light coats, the smell of a fireplace, and the tastes of warm apple pie, spices and pumpkin.  

The beauty about pumpkins is that they can last for up to six months when bought whole, and it is sold in a can in those months when you can’t get it. So this is one vegetable that is good for you that you can easily find in most countries of the world. And that is good, because pumpkin is very good for the body. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are usually extremely useful for the body and pumpkin is loaded with the good things.  It contains vitamin A, alpha and beta-carotenes, vitamins C, K, and E, and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and iron.

How is pumpkin good for the hair and skin when applied externally? Well…vitamin A is extremely good for the scalp, if you search any commercial beauty mixture you will find that synthetic vitamin A is added to a lot of products. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and when you use it directly, you get all the natural goodness from it straight from the source. Like banana and avocado, pumpkin is another rich source of potassium and this nutrient is especially useful in promoting the re-growth of hair. This makes pumpkin one of the vegetables for hair loss.

Due to the many benefits pumpkin has, here at the Color Room Salon & Day Spa, we offer Pumpkin Facials, Pumpkin Chemical Peels, Pumpkin Spice Latte Pedicures and Pumpkin Spice Latte Manicures. Continue your experience at home with our Pumpkin Soufflé candle or Pumpkin Soufflé Body Butter.